I am so excited to present your child's fine art school portrait gallery to you. I strive to take authentic pictures of your children and capture their true personality.

Scroll down and click on your child's name. You will immediately be redirected to their online gallery. You will be asked to enter a password that was sent to you from your school. You will also be asked to enter an email address before viewing your child's gallery, which will be used to communicate with you regarding your child's portraits and to notify you when orders are available for pick-up in your child's classroom. Sibling galleries have been combined for your convenience.

All proofing and ordering is handled online through our secure ordering site. If you like a photo, simply click on it and select the SHOPPING CART at the top of the image. BE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN ON THE PRICING MENU. YOU WILL SEE AN OPTION TO PURCHASE ALL DIGITAL FILES OR ONE. You can purchase individual prints of each image or packages (one image per package). You may also purchase digital files of all images, which are available for immediate download following purchase. Mix and match a la carte prints, packages, canvases, etc.

The minimum order per student is $30 per gallery ($65 for sibling student galleries). 

The deadline to order pictures is Friday, MAY 3. 

Any questions or concerns you'd like personally addressed may be sent to Amy Madson at amymadsonphoto@gmail.com.

Please note: Please do not screen shot images and share them on social media, unless you are using digital images that you have paid for and downloaded. The watermark will be removed from all digital downloads and all printed images.

Please read the important disclaimer at the bottom of this post. Thank you!


Callen and Desiree Shine

Remi Hess

Joaquin Chavez

Carly Palomino

Sydney Podell

Jameson Cappabianca

Reese Guilfoyle

Samuel Kennedy

Ridley Sandberg

Jace Surmi

Hunter and Audrey Wolcott

Class Photo

IMPORTANT NOTE: These images are captured in a short period of time with your child. Due to the scheduling arranged with the school, I have less than two minutes with each student. I do my best to capture a variety of expressions and conjure authenticity from your son or daughter during this time. Some children are naturally more comfortable than others when it comes to photographs. Each child's gallery has multiple proof options. I do not believe in forcing a child to "perform" just for the sake of capturing "the shot" - but rather I do my best to work with your child, make them comfortable, and enjoy the short minute or two we have. Please understand that all images are shot with the goal of being "real" - who they are in that moment. Some laugh, some are shy, some bounce and giggle... and I attempt to artistically capture all of this. The options included in the gallery of your son or daughter were the best shots I had on file, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! ALSO, DEPENDING ON THE ORDER, I AM HAPPY TO TAKE OUT ANY MAJOR HAIR FLYAWAYS, STUFF ON FACE…..though we do our best to wipe and help with hair. Thank you for your understanding and support!